Friday, November 1, 2013

BandBlast 2013, Thoughts on 2014 and New Web Site


Just quick note to say that BandBlast 2013 was a success (despite some initial set backs and conflicts).  We had 53 participants at last count and had a very successful weekend.  My thanks to Doug Reece and the St. Mary's Band of Saint John (and their volunteers) as well as conductor John Wills for all of the hard work that took place to get this event rolling.  Personally, I really enjoyed myself and truly appreciated having the folks from KVHS there helping and participating as well.

As I look to 2014, the NBBA will be busy with Canadian Band Association (CBA) meetings, local meetings, helping the Fredericton Concert and Marching Band plan BandBlast 2014 and hosting the CBA in November in Fredericton.

The NBBA is always looking for volunteers and helpers for our events and meetings.  If you're interested, please contact

NBBA also has a new website:

Many thanks to Jeff MacQuarrie for getting this underway.   Check it out!  Suggestions on content are always welcome.


Melissa Akerley Meadows, 
President, NBBA


Thursday, April 25, 2013

BandBlast 2013 ???

Hi, Everyone:

I'm sitting at my desk taking a well-deserved break and pondering the future of BandBlast for this year.  We seem to be hitting roadblock after roadblock.  Challenges have been working around other member commitments (musically speaking) to find a weekend that works. Finding a conductor has been a worry as well.  We've had a few nibbles, but they haven't worked out, again, due to timing.  I'm up for finding a new timeframe besides the fall .... but ..... when?  Summer comes with it's own set of challenges with marches, parades and outdoor concerts.  Winter travelling is difficult.  Spring, well, we might have something there, but it's come and gone this year. 

I'm leaving this in the capable hands of the St. Mary's Band members (2013 host), hoping something will work out.

On a happier note, the National Youth Band is here next week at Mt. A University and then travel to Nova Scotia.  I'm looking forward to hearing them in Halifax on May 3 and to seeing my fellow CBA colleagues for the semi-annual meeting on May 4.

Warm Regards,


Melissa Akerley Meadows, President